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7:42 PM | 0 ELSA(s)
...sPeCiaLly 4 yOu..

Adila Ghafar

Siti Quraisyah Rosli

You are someone I turn to,
when my spirit need a Lift..
You are the one I treasure for,
Our Friendship as a Gift..
You also a Special Person who fills my life with beauty, joy and grace,
And make the whole world that we live in better and happier place..
But the most remarkable is..
I'm not who I am now without you, because..
You are my Special and the Best Person that i ever known in my life..
Thanks lots for everything that you have done for me..
And really sorry because I'm not as a Good as a Human should be..
Love both of you ♥♥ ;)


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